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An extraordinary journey of more than 150km, straight on their boards, just walking on water, paddling the deepest canyon of Europe.

Print Release:
We Are Hungry and We Are Media Makers works with the best storytelling grid, where photography takes a big part, to engage readers to see more and continue the adventure themselves, therefore looking for the location and the equipment. Our teams want to promote activities and locations first.
Gilles Reboisson is Canon brand advocate, Lowepro storyteller and Red Bull photographer. He is used to share his projects on photography magazines and specialised outdoor medias.

Film Making:
Used to engage audience, We Are Hungry creates content with all the power of lightweight production. Using drones and action cameras, they bring the spectators to the heart of the action, of the nature. Film production has been split in 2 parts, social media short sequences and a scripted 12 minutes movie for exhibitions, shows and TV. Stéphane Pion is a Trek TV ambassador, an outdoor sports iconOn French TV and contributes a lot to the development of We Are Hungry



Still images:
About 200 high quality pictures have been produced with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Leica M type 240, GoPro action cam and DJI Mavic Pro Drone. In the constant endeavour to share the adventure, the photographer set several points of view from prep time to backstage, including landscapes, overviews, actions, lifestyle and paddlers profile.

As well each scenery should be valuated by a complete story, we have a full travel log in both French and English, and a debrief about the trip and the beautiful Montenegrin country. Of course, both adventurers remain available to answer any question and can hold conferences and talks.

Movie: Image sequences is one of the best way to immerge people in the action. As well as we use action cam, drone and two Panasonic GH4, we improve the power of this lightweight setup to produce a written 12 minutes adventure story. Obviously  content and paddlers remain available for TV show, documentary or to complement other projects.